Krista Adela Peterson

User Research &
UX Design

Visual Problem Solving

I believe in creating engaging, playful,
and interesting human experiences.


How do you design for someone who thinks differently than yourself? By learning how to ask the right questions. How do we create an effective user experience? We begin with the user. What do they need?

What is UX?

Users often describe the problem from their perspective, talking about it on a more personal level than someone on the outside. UX/UI design is really a part of service design. We design for the user. We solve human problems with technology.

Truly innovative experiences rewrite user perception.


Krista made a positive impact on our Experience team at Sandbox. I had the pleasure of working with Krista on 2 client-facing journey mapping exercises, and she helped to glean critical customer insights from each. Krista's fluency in UX research best practices enabled her to lead a live dot voting exercise with dozens of disparate stakeholders. The results of the exercise allowed our team to prioritize and focus on the main topics important to stakeholders - the issues vital to informing customer-centric strategies. What's more, Krista's dynamic, friendly personality gelled well with our strategy and account teams. If you are looking for a valuable UX team player with robust expertise in UX research, I highly recommend Krista. -- Greg Waitley, User Experience Designer with over 15 years experience and former Supervisor


I had the pleasure of working with Krista while she ran a research project leading up to to making a tool for our sales team. She was able document much of the "organizational lore" inside the team's head. She distilled some very complex processes and concepts down to components that were build-able. -- Kal Walkden, Product Designer, Engineer, and former Supervisor


Krista Peterson is the best kind of creative thinker. She works to understand the underlying requirements of a project, system or challenge in order to be able to come at it from more than one angle. I've worked with many designers who have all the necessary chops to accomplish the "how" of a creative project; craft skills, talent, an artist's eye, etc. I prefer to work with people like Krista who are interested in the "why" and "what" behind great design, as well. Her curiosity and willingness to study are rare and wonderful. -- Andy Havens, Manager of Creative Services, OCLC, and Professor of Marketing, Advertising and Business at CCAD


She consistently demonstrates leadership, maturity, and professionalism. -- Karen May, CYBC Board President and former Supervisor


I find that Ms. Peterson easily takes control of her own job tasks as well as any other problems that arise.She is fearless in the face of a challenge, trustworthy, and dependable. I like the way Ms. Peterson thinks, she is creative, thoughtful, intelligent, and makes working with her an absolute pleasure. She regularly goes beyond what is asked of her. I know I can rely on her to solve the problem, to do it without supervision, and to be accountable for the results. -- Sylvia Del Raso, CYBC Board Treasurer and former supervisor


Krista is a high energy exuberant worker. She is a very imaginative designer who takes instruction and critique with grace and quickly finds ways to apply it to her work. Not much slows her down and her high energy is infectious and has the power to completely change the mood of a room or group. She is a pleasure to work with. -- Allen Turner, Instructor of Game Development, Interactive Media School of Cinema and Interactive Media


Krista takes full responsibility for the tasks entrusted to her. She makes sure she understands a problem before using her creativity and expertise to resolve it in a professional way. She is committed and very dedicated to her job and not afraid of new challenges. She has a very positive personality and it has always been a pleasure to work with her. -- Birgit Oberhofer, Assistant Director of Youth and Young Adult Programs at Catholic Theological Union, former supervisor

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