Krista Adela Peterson

UX Research &
Product Strategy

I believe in creating engaging, playful,
and interesting human experiences.


For over a decade I have been focused on designing unique experiences for every type of user in every type of industry, for a multitude of software applications. My philosophy is to ask the right questions, at the right time, of the right people.

How do we create an effective user experience? We begin with the user. Always.

What is UX?

User experience design is a way to say that we design for the user, the messy and often frustrated human on the other side of our technology products. User research is the process of uncovering the needs, perceptions, struggles, and successes of a target population. My philosophy is to continue the tradition of the scientific method and the practices held by the medical research community when directing user research initiatives. UX designers solve human problems with technology. Truly innovative experiences rewrite user perception. Innovation comes from deep knowledge and rigorous learning.

How I Work

I am often asked to lead the research, design, and shape the overall user experience of new and complex software applications. 

The best tools I have to do that:

- Advocate for a human-centered approach, equally providing recommendations and delivering tactical research/design.
- Guide product teams to deeply understand customer/user behavior, pain points, and needs.
- Relentlessly consider the whole system and each detail from the user’s perspective.
- Prioritize what adds the most value for users and the business.
- Identify and test hypotheses and assumptions.
- Determine both quantitative and qualitative insights and translate them into actionable design tasks.
- Create detailed user flows and sophisticated low/high-fidelity prototypes for understanding and validation.
- Explain my design rationale to non-designers and build a shared understanding to effectively deliver exceptional cohesive experiences.
- Provide mentorship, leadership, and creative direction to designers and researchers.
- Build and nurture relationships with cross-functional leaders, their teams, and business stakeholders.
- Demonstrate qualities of transparency, trust, vulnerability, psychological safety, and collaboration.


Some of my favorite industry references: